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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Underwood Farms (Again)

Still with WHPS - this time for vegetable picking.

When I was 3 I certainly didn't know what bok choy was.  Not sure why Garrett ran all over the place shouting that he wanted Chinese turnips - perhaps it was from Ni Hao Kai-lan.  Funny.  One of the moms commented that he certainly had exotic tastes.

Farmer John taught us all about bok choy, beets, lettuce, baby carrots, cilantro, leeks . . .

We also climbed hay bales, went down the combine slide (just like last time) - and just like last time I was the only mom at the top of the tractor refereeing and ensuring little ones did not push each other down the dangerously steep and narrow stairs, ran around and saw the animals, played in the "gold mining" water, climbed all over a wooden train and fire engine, and just generally had fun.  STILL after all this no nap - REALLY - I was exhausted by the time we got home.  We had a huge bag or veggies and we gave one to Ana too.

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