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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend Madness

We went to Ventura Beach/Harbor, Lake Casitas (after seeing a sign and thinking - hey - what is Lake Casitas? - and deciding to check out a huge man made lake that you can boat on, but not swim in or "come in contact with")), and Ojai for Mother's Day weekend - a blast - and tiring!

As usual - Garrett's favorite part was the hotel.  That kid is obsessed with hotels.  I guess you can't have much more fun than sitting around naked sending "emails."  I'm sure he'll be pleased that we have included that pix!

We met Bob's friends Gary and Andrea at Brophy Bros. at the Harbor (yum) and then walked around the Harbor area - ran on the docks, had ice cream, ran in the grass, ran on the beach (notice a theme of having Garrett run a lot and blow off some steam??!!).

Dinner Sat PM was at Spencer McKenzie's - really good fish joint.  Super casual.  Garrett LOVED his fish and carrot sticks.  Mom LOVED her carne asada taco.

Lake Casitas was really very peaceful - lots of people camping.  We will have to go back when the boys are older.  Garrett would like to kayak to the Main Island and check out the floating restrooms.  Sounds interesting.

Ojai was next up on the agenda.  I actually convinced Bob to eat at a vegan restaurant.  Ha.  Yum.  I loved the tempeh, Garrett loved the smoothie, Brady loved the music, and Bob loved Garrett sitting in his lap.  So, everyone was happy.  After eating G was really tired, so Brady and I went into the Ojai Valley Museum and then we hit the road back to LA.  Very fun weekend. 

Yes Garrett - we will do the trolley the next time . . .  you kinda fell asleep . . .

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