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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trip to The East Coast Part Un - NJ and Phlia

OK - it has certainly been awhile since a post to this blog.  I guess that is the impact of a trip to the East Coast, lots of fun stuff upon our return, croup (Garrett), and bronchitis (mommy).

So . . .  here we go . . . this is what my failing memory can recall .  . .

Mommy, Garrett, and Brady tagged along with daddy on a business trip to see the folks at ARI.  We made a whole big deal out of it and went to NJ and Phila and then York/Red Lion and Lancaster (part deux to come), and then VA/DC (part trois to wrap it up).

We had a blast.

The Battleship NJ -

Note the hand - Garrett felt better with a little grip to secure him.

Captain G in charge.

Mommy, Brady, and Garrett hanging with other crew members.

And afterwards Brady put on a one man show at the hotel restaurant.

Day two in NJ/Phila  - park and art museum (daddy wined and dined the ARI folks at lunch and then the Phillies game).

Just hanging out watching the brothers have fun and burn off some energy.

A pretty serious conversation followed by some pretty serious running .  . .

Brady was into some major hydration this day . . .

When you travel to the East Coast for a week - word of advice - keep the kids on West Coast time.  later nights and sleeping in the next morning.  What a blessing.  So - thank goodness for late night Friday nights at the art museum in Phila!  Fun.

Garrett was standing on the bench too, but I didn't get a photo because we got yelled at . . .

Garrett was artistically inspired and snapped a shot of mommy's toes.

There was a dance performance outside which blew Garrett's mind.  They invited the audience on "stage" at the end and mommy, Garrett, and Brady joined in the dancing.

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