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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Garrett's 3rd Birthday Extravaganza - Part I of III

Garrett kicked off his weekend of birthday festivities with a celebration at WHPS.  We brought in zucchini and banana muffins and cooked flour play dough for all of his friends at school.  All were a big hit!  Garrett's favorite part of the day was the birthday crown the teachers made for him to wear (which is at home on one of the bookcases in his room) and the fact that everyone sang happy birthday to him.  He even shared the birthday crown with some friends who wanted to wear it too (I was so proud of him).  Ella kept it a little too long though and he tackled her in the sand and ripped it off her head - I know we try to teach gentle hands - but even the teachers told Ella it was Garrett's birthday crown and it was time to give it back.  He fell asleep in the car with it still on his head . . .

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