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Friday, February 24, 2012

Garrett's 3rd Birthday Extravaganza - Part II of III

The Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena ROCKS.  What a well put together space for kids to explore (with great indoor and outdoor spaces).

We had about 40 some people (20 kids) in the Celebration Center to help celebrate G's B-Day.  The two Educators brought out three animals - a hissing cockroach, tortoise, and bearded dragon - and told the kids all about their habitats, eating habits, etc. and let the kids touch them.  They also set up free play for the beginning of the party during the time where guests were rolling in, led an art project, set up an art table to use throughout the party, helped with a parachute game, singing and musical instruments time, freeze dance, the limbo, and generally kept things rolling.  We had a great time - Garrett loved running around and, of course, when everyone sang happy birthday to him.  Bridget (one of Bob's former assistants) made an amazing carrot cake and carrot cake cupcakes - yum - and we had other healthy goodies to eat.  Mom even made her famous banana bread and pulled pork BBQ.

After the party all of the kids were able to roam around the museum for free.  Garrett spent two hours climbing through tunnels, climbing a climbing tower, exploring rocks and seeds in the Nature Exchange, digging for fossils, creating art, exploring spiders and a bee hive, running around the amphitheatre space outside, using a spray gun at the water symphony area, climbing outside, riding a tricycle on the bike path, and generally just having fun!

How will we top this for his 4th B-Day??!! Yikes.

BTW - Brady was there in spirit - he chilled outside the museum in the park so mom could run out and breastfeed.  He had a good, long nap and enjoyed the scenery - Brookside Park is really cute - and busy.

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