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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rockin' Out

Brady, and Garrett, and Mommy went to see musician Martin Espino (http://www.martinespino.com/fr_introduction.cfm).

Martin brought hand made and unique musical instruments that the kids could play - Garrett got to use a drum (after being mad that he didn't get to do the maracas).  What a cool thing to have at the Galleria up the street - mommy got a crazy idea in her head and we all walked there and back - good exercise, but a little tiring.  Mommy especially liked the sounds of the bamboo flutes and shakers/maracas made from gourds.

Smart idea on the Galleria's part - their summer Sat AM concert series is a great way to encourage families to come and hang out - I'm sure more than one family stayed and ate lunch somewhere or bought something from one of the stores.  Mom wants to attend at least one more of the events in the series - maybe Burke Williams will donate another spa package to the raffle . . .

Plus - G got to see the fountain we are always driving by up close and personal.  Bonus.

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