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Saturday, June 30, 2012

American Heroes Air Show

Helicopters, helicopters, and more helicopters.  Oh yea - and police cars, fire trucks, underwater dive units, mission command mobile units, sheriffs, rescue teams, mountain rescue vehicles . . . a place a family with two little boys should definitely check out.

Garrett sitting in EVERYTHING . . .

Bob pretending to be tough . . . .

Brady getting in on the action . . .

And helicopters galore.

The only bummer was that Bob and Garrett were going to take a helicopter ride - and they cut off the line when they were next - because some fire helicopters landed for the start of the air show.  BUMMER.  G did seem to recover quickly when he got to sit in all of the helicopter pilot seats.  His obsession?  Buckling and unbuckling the seat belts.  Go figure?!

What did he play when we got home from the HELICOPTER show? - scuba diver.  I guess the diving suit, flippers, masks, etc. he touched at the LAPD Underwater Dive Unit truck really made an impression.

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