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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Calabasas Family Fun Run

OK the plan was for mommy to run the 5K and then for the whole family to run the 1 mile family fun run afterwards.  Yeah.  Somehow we just ended up running the family fun run.  Baby steps I guess.  Mom will run the 5K next year.

We'll have to make doing family runs like this a tradition.  Mommy used to run the fun runs with her daddy after he ran the 5K or 10Ks.  Somewhere in the garage I have my t-shirt collection.

Fun and good way to stay active - unless you're Brady and you get to ride the whole time.

You won't be so lucky next year Brady - out of the stroller and run, run, run.

And by the way - I think the boys had more fun running around the library, playing on the stairs and by the fountain, and seeing the turtles at the Commons than they did during the race.

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