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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We hit the Studio City Farmer's Market again - this time we braved the petting zoo

and Garrett went on the slide with dad

and zoomed all over the bounce house (note the snazzy wristbands and headband Brady and daddy bought for Garrett while mommy was with him in the petting zoo). 

Of course, we had to do another pony ride.

Brady had fun too.  Who knew parking meters could be so entertaining??!!

Next time maybe we'll even buy some fruit and veggies! (if we make it past the kids' area).  Maybe we'll have to park and enter on the other side next time.  Hmmmm. . .

We also went to a B-Day celebration in the afternoon for Garrett's friend Nico.  I think Brady had a blast too - here he is his first time driving a big boy car.  Garrett played A LOT in the firetruck, but ran around and played with Nico, Bodhi, Audrey, Nola, and Connor too.

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