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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Laguna Beach Madness

We did another local family vacation - much, much easier at this stage than a trip far away that entails flying and time zone changes, etc.

We went to the Laguna Cliffs Resort overlooking the Dana Point Harbor.  We had never seen the hotel before, but it turned out to be perfect - very peaceful, quiet (except for movie night at the local park), and VERY kid friendly.  There was a park right next door where there was tons of space for Garrett to run around - and a really clean, super cool playground.  The park attracted lots of visitors - tons of people working out and lots of early morning yoga classes.

The first day was a little rough - Garrett was in a bit of a mood, so we didn't do a whole heck of a lot - we walked (A LONG WAY THERE) to Dana Point Harbor and had lunch at the Harbor Grill.  The walk back was A LOT easier because we just crossed the street and went up a huge set of stairs that took us right into the park adjacent of the Resort.

Saturday was much better - the Marine Rescue/Rehab Facility, Ocean Institute, and swimming at the Resort.

We saw the seals being cared for (and we saw them being fed) before they are released back into the ocean . . .

We went through the Ocean Institute and the beach/tidepools . . .

And we enjoyed the better weather (and mood) by taking advantage of the splash pad and kid's pool (while Brady crawled all over the grass) . . .

Sunday we ate another great breakfast buffet and then hit the beach.

After checking out we got yummy food to go and hit another beach on the way home - with a playground to boot.

Fun to be had by all - another successful family adventure!

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