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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grand Park

What more does a kid need than splashing in a fountain on a hot day? 

Garrett, and Brady, and mommy originally went downtown for a drum circle, but ended up bailing on that pretty quickly and spending the rest of the time splashing in the fountain at Grand Park - the new park downtown stretching from the Music Center to City Hall had opened less than a week ago when we were there.  So - it was still a hidden/secret place to play.  Not for long I'm sure - especially given the unusually hot summer here in LA.

Garrett did everything possible - ran, splashed, hit the water, sat on the water, laid in the water . . .

I can't wait until next summer when Brady is running and splashing right beside him.

Mommy also got to get her nerdy love of photography out of her system - I loved the murals in the Music Center parking structure.

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